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Handheld modeling

Experience precision in every curve with our handheld electric FoamDesigner modeling tool, designed especially for untethered intricate foam sculpting.

Handheld designing

Crafted for maximum comfort and control, the handheld pneumatic FoamDesigner brings your cleanest and most detailed designs to life with ease.

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Foam milling with FoamDesigner

Modeling with new possibilities

The FoamDesigner, an electric or pneumatic hand tool, is indispensable in any production setting due to its wide range of interchangeable tools.
Its powerful drives and well-coordinated tool toothing ensure accuracy and smooth milling surfaces, allowing limitless customization even with soft foam materials.

Moreover, the FoamDesigner is easily connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner, promoting a clean working environment.
Submit a sketch or describe your application to receive a custom-made milling tool, with our experienced team ready to provide their expertise for optimal results.


Experts in Foam Milling & Polystyrene Processing

Made-to-measure tool technology

The high-quality workmanship enables a low-vibration and low-noise operation as well as fatigue-free working due to the comfortable handling.

As we look to the future, ZEIM GmbH remains steadfast in our mission to equip your business with the tools it needs to shape, cut, and finish foam products with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Foamknife with a piece of foam

ZEIM is dedicated to advancing the field of foam and polystyrene processing through precision engineering and innovative technology. Above all, our expertise lies in creating specialized machinery that caters to the specific needs of industries relying on high-quality foam products, such as automotive, furniture, and medical sectors.

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We continuously develop our technology to meet the evolving demands of foam processing, ensuring our machines offer the highest level of efficiency and precision.

Winner ribbon icon - Quality

Each piece of equipment we manufacture undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent quality standards, reflecting our commitment to reliability and excellence.

Customer service icon - Service

Our relationship with clients extends beyond sales. We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure seamless machines operation in your production line.

Windmill energy icon -Sustainability

We understand the importance of environmental conservation and contribute by creating energy-efficient machines which produce minimal waste.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide products and services of outstanding quality and of the highest benefit to our customers. In pursuit of this commitment, we continually strive for innovation and excellence to exceed customer expectations and build lasting relationships.

Our Mission

We aim for satisfied customers with lasting trust in our range of services, from consultation and problem-solving to delivery, installation, and service.
Our customers’ judgment is the decisive quality benchmark for us. Get in touch with us!

Versatile Hand Milling Tool

The FoamDesigner offers unparalleled versatility with its interchangeable tools, powerful drives, and optimized tool toothing to ensure precise profiling and exceptionally smooth milling surfaces.

Personalized Solutions

We prioritize customer satisfaction and lasting trust, offering a comprehensive range of services, including consultation, problem-solving, delivery, installation, and support, to resolve your needs.

Professionals for foam milling since Generations

Zeim is a forward-thinking company rooted in tradition, specializing in foam milling and Styrofoam processing. We deliver high-quality products worldwide, from Millfoam milling tools to custom-made solutions per customer specifications – since 1860.

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Clean Working Environment

Connecting the FoamDesigner to an industrial vacuum cleaner helps maintain a clean workspace, preventing the accumulation of foam debris during the milling process.

Customized Milling Solutions

Tailor your FoamDesigner’s milling tool to your specific needs by providing a sketch or describing your application; our experienced team is more than happy to assist you in creating the perfect tool.

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