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The FoamDesigner, an electric or pneumatic hand tool, is indispensable in any production setting due to its wide range of interchangeable tools.
Its powerful drives and well-coordinated tool toothing ensure accuracy and smooth milling surfaces, allowing limitless customization even with soft foam materials.


Easily connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner, the FoamDesigner promotes a clean working environment.

Submit a sketch or describe your application to receive a custom-made milling tool, with our experienced team ready to provide their expertise for optimal results.

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Versatile Hand Milling Tool

The FoamDesigner offers unparalleled versatility with its interchangeable tools, powerful drives, and optimized tool toothing to ensure precise profiling and exceptionally smooth milling surfaces.

Professionals since Generations

Zeim is a forward-thinking company rooted in tradition, specializing in foam and Styrofoam processing. We deliver high-quality products worldwide, from Millfoam milling tools to custom-made solutions per customer specifications – since 1860.

Clean Working Environment

Connecting the FoamDesigner to an industrial vacuum cleaner helps maintain a clean workspace, preventing the accumulation of foam debris during the milling process.

Personalized Solutions

We prioritize customer satisfaction and lasting trust, offering a comprehensive range of services, including consultation, problem-solving, delivery, installation, and support, to resolve your needs.

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Reach out to us for tailored solutions, expert advice, and efficient processes. Our team is eager to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your ideas and challenges.

Customized Milling Solutions

Tailor your FoamDesigner’s milling tool to your specific needs by providing a sketch or describing your application; our experienced team is more than happy to assist you in creating the perfect tool.

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